MCA HQ will like to urge members of the public to be cautious of a message being circulated on WhatsApp recently claiming that MCA members can apply for interest-free loans as long as they provide their membership number. We wish to clarify that this news is false.   

It has come to our attention that members of the public in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Terengganu, etc, have been receiving messages claiming that MCA members can apply for interest-free loans.

Thus, MCA HQ will be lodging a police report on this false allegations.

MCA HQ wishes to clarify that we have not released any such information related to this interest-free loan, nor do we provide such loans to our members.

The message also claimed that as long as one is a MCA member, he or she is entitled to apply for loans. This is not the first time such news is being circulated. Previously, a message was also circulated claiming that MCA is providing loans to help entrepreneurs expand their business. MCA HQ had also refuted this allegation and issued a statement to clarify the matter.

We are not sure as to the motive behind such devious messages. However, we do not rule out the purpose that this is a smear campaign to destroy MCA’s image.

MCA HQ would like to remind the public and MCA members again to verify the authenticity of any viral messages which is circulated, and to determine the source of such information so as to avoid being tricked, and possibly resulting in personal financial losses.


马华总部谨此声明, 对于近期在通讯群组Whatsapp再次流传声称公众只需要提供马华党员号码,就能协助申请免息贷款的假消息,马华总部促请各界人士提高警惕。